PROJECT UP: All in a day!

From: ” I can’t see my way out of this”
To: “A way forward that ticks all the boxes”

Who is this package for?

  • Hair professionals with an immediate major challenge in need of a third party to offer an unbiased perspective to sort things through to the best outcome for all

  • Salon owners facing the immediacy of problems post lock-down.

  • Salon owners who have a major decision to make, such as negotiating a sale or dissolution of partnership.

  • Salon owners wise enough to get experienced input before making a major investment in a new endeavor or partnership.

  • Non-salon owners looking at getting into the business and who want to make sure their business plan is wise

What are the benefits of taking this package?

  • You get wise counsel from an experienced expert in the field who will see your situation from a practical, unbiased perspective.

  • Linking with a highly connected leader in the field – access to a strong team of recommended complementary professionals.


  • Dedicated attention to create a beneficial outcome.

  • Immediate partnership with a dedicated professional with the experience and perspective you need

  • One full intensive day of working together.

Investment Value:

Consider the savings involved in making the right (and possibly very hard) decision from the start and how much that will save you in headaches, fighting, wasted effort, legal fees, wrong paths taken, etc.