TEAM UP: Build your team

From: Having stylist falling through the cracks
To: You’ve got the teams of self-sufficient income generating creatives.

Your Scenario And The Problem You Face:

  • You own anything from a single salon to a chain of salons. You have 5 stylists or more.

  • You love the business but it is wearing you out. You know your stylists could generate more: they’re kind of waiting for you to keep them busy.

  • You got into this business for the joy and fun, but now there’s headaches that fill your mind and space, no time for the business building you’d really like to get to. No apparent way out.  You’d love to close the gap between what your stylists could be producing and how they are operating now … but your bandwidth just isn’t allowing you to get there.

The Solution

  • You need your stylists to act cohesively towards productivity goals, supporting each other in learning, growing, having the whole salon succeed. If only they would work as a self-sufficient team, achieving measurable outcomes that signify improved customer service through product sales, repeat bookings, building and strengthening your brand and brand loyalty. They’d be focused on results that made a difference – and that means a difference to your bottom line.

What Makes This So Difficult?

  • You are the owner and your attention is pulled in a million places. Your stylists need specific training, specialist education to create cohesion between them to become a team. This takes your time and attention and a special focus that demands even more of you. You need less on your plate, not more. Besides, sometimes when we are so close to the problem, we can’t always see the wood for the trees. It’s just too much added work to focus on what needs to change without getting dragged into the details. Being in so close can easily cost the kind of perspective that is essential to move the whole team forward.

So Now what?

  • What if you had someone who genuinely understands your situation, who could come in on a limited basis and do some of the vitally important work you just don’t have space or bandwidth to do?

  • What if this person delivered training to your stylists that more than paid for itself within the first year?

  • What if the program made space for you to do what you want to do and delivered increased profits too? Wouldn’t it be a no-brainer to take the opportunity to turn your stylists into a self-managing power team that took care of themselves and had your profits and the salon success in mind – without your constant input – especially giving you a net gain before a year is out?

How Is Andrew Able to Help:

  • As the owner of multiple busy city salons and barber shops for close to 20 years, I know the headaches and problems you face. I know what it’s like to be bogged down with dramas, desperate to find a way to cut through it all. I’ve learned through experience again and again what it takes to turn a group of artists into business people who understand what matters to the bottom line, what needs to happen in order for the business to thrive. I know what works and what can go wrong. I love the business, I love seeing people succeed, I love seeing customers look good, feel good and love their salon. It’s now my business to help others succeed. It’s time for me to teach, mentor, train and uplift the industry through my hard-won expertise. The work I do gives back and pays for itself over just a short amount of time. My success is your success. That means having a profitable business and a life you love. I’d love to see you succeed.

What does it look like?

  • I’ll take your team of 5-8 stylists at a time and train them over the course of 6 months, turning them into independent producers. 

  • I’ll deliver six half-day training events and continue the training in between on group texts or short calls to answer any Q & A, address any trouble spots,  track progress and ensure implementation of what they learn. 

  • They will develop as a supportive team and get focused on goals that matter without you having to manage it.  

  • You’ll see the profits increase before the 6 months is up – then I will follow through until increased income is stabilized and the program has paid for itself, which will happen within the first year. This way, your investment is as good as guaranteed. And, stylists will be held to account to deliver on your behalf for at least 18 months. For example: should a stylist you have just enabled to grow professionally like this should want to leave sooner, they will be accountable for the cost of education.  

  • You will also have the benefits of linking with a Committed Partner who is well connected in the business

Your Part:

  • Andrew will need access to your stylists, 5-8 at a time, for a half day training every month for 6 months, plus texts via a WhatsApp group and short calls in between.

  • Andrew will need insight into your current numbers, salary structure, booking, attendance, general framework of your business.

  • He’ll be working within your framework and in support of your desired outcomes, so you’ll need to show him how you work and how you want things to be

  • He’ll need to connect with you weekly to monitor numbers to ensure progress is on track.

  • The flat-rate fee is payable over the first six months. You can expect to recoup all or much of the costs before the end of the program and the remainder well before the end of the first year.

Investment Value:

Your life, your time, your freedom to get to the parts of your business you won’t otherwise get to, all the benefits listed above – plus the increase in profits that will pay your costs.